Resources for Professionals:
Child Care Providers, Teachers, Licensors, and other Caregivers.
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HOW DID WE GET A RADIO SHOW? History and purpose of the Family Day Care Radio Show
Catalog of Tapes : the Family Day Care Radio Show. Training, support and entertainment for Family Child Care Providers.
Coalition on Provider Vulnerability : child abuse accusations, false allegations, losing your license. Support for all care providers.
Parent reading to kids Child Care Essays:   Myths of Maltreatment, My Life as a Provider, Toilet Training Wars, Earth Day, Whining and Tantrums, Nutrition Guide, The  Mess That Is Day Care Licensing, more...
Child Care Policies Child Care Policies, M&M Child Care

Permission Forms for Transportation, Medical Care, Lotions and Ointments

Fees charged at M&M Child Care
Child Care Horror Stories - they're not what you think...
Astronomy with Children

Photos of kids doing astronomy, light pollution information, our millennial analemma project, more...
Adults & Childrens Alliance: stuff for child care providers. Insurance, t-shirts, bumper stickers, stationary, newsletter, more...
Greater Minneapolis Day Care Association:  GMDCA has been closed (2007) by Hennepin County, due to alleged mis-management. For training, grants, referrals in the Twin Cities metro area, lagal and tax assistance, see Resources for Child Caring.
Minnesota Licensed Family Child Care Association

Child Care Food Program Sponsor

Family Child Care Training Conferences


New name, same mission. Resources for Child Caring is now Think Small

Training, grants, child care referrals. Covers the entire Twin Cities.
Resources for Child Caring Logo Resources for
Child Caring
Resources for Child Caring offers referral services to parents, grants for child care providers, a rate survey, legal assistance, training, and Red Leaf Press, especially in the Minneapolis-St Paul area.
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