Marian & Michael's Family Child Care Home

Caring for up to fourteen children in a beautiful, large, old house in South Minneapolis. Ages 2 months through 12 years. Licensed for over 30 years.

Marian has wanted to be a child care provider since she was a little girl. Michael is the first man to be licensed in Minnesota as a family child care provider.

We have an open door policy, and visitors are welcome. However, please note that our child care is usually full, and we are not seeking applications via the internet.

Note Fees, Many Links (bottom of page), Parent Permission Forms, Enrollment Forms (short and long term).

For short term enrollment, print the short term and long term enrollment forms on either side of one page.

M&M Child Care Group Photo 2006
M&M  Group Photo 2006

 Photos of Activities at M&M Child Care:
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Adi at Swim Class 2006
Adi at Swim Class 2006
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