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Audrey riding Peanut with Mara and Sue.
We visit Sue's horse farm several time each year.
Audrey riding Peanut with Mara and Sue   Audrey and Nick (facing in center) in swim class.
We take the children, ages 4 thru 12, to Minneapolis
Parks sponsored swim classes every summer.
Charlotte, Michael, and Cyan, with newly hatched Monarch butterfly.
Beginning each June we search for Monarch butterfly eggs.  We feed milkweed to the caterpillars until they form a chrysalis, which hatches into a butterfly.  The newly hatched butterflies seem to be comfortable with human touch until they are able to fly away.
  Audrey and Nick in swim class 2006
Monarch butterfly with Charlotte, Michael, Cyan   M&M Child Care Home Page

Astronomy with Children.

Our Millennial Analemma Project

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