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Hi! My name is Nelle. This is my new web page.
I am 8 year's old, my little sister, Charlotte is 5 years old.                  Send Nelle e-mail:   mandmchildcare  "at"

My day care is called M&M child care.

The kids that go to my day care are named Sophie, 8 mo.,  Audrey, 1, Henry, 1, Thomas, 3, Theo, 3, Alayna, 4, Charlotte, 5, Owen, 5, Soren, 6, Julia, 7, Ben, 7, Nelle, 8, Sam, 8, Joah, 9, Erin, 10.

Nelle and friends visit Katie at college
Here is a picture of me and some of my friends from day care, and we are visiting one of the day care's helpers,
Katie, at her dorm room in college. From left to right, Ben, Charlotte, Erin, Joah, me, Sam, and Katie. Katie went
to M&M Child Care when she was a little girl!

Nelle's eigth birthday party
This is my eigth birthday party at day care. The people in the picture, clockwise, are Ben, me, Erin, and Julia.

Send Nelle E-Mail:    mandmchildcare  "at"

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