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Fee Schedule
Effective Feb. 1, 2007

Monthly rates are charged according to the amount of time you reserve.
The monthly rate remains the same regardless of days your child might miss.
Overtime and extra unreserved hours will incur additional fees.
We charge a penalty for overdue payments. See Fee Policies on back.


Regular Rates: 2 Yr-Old Thru Kindergarten (and Summer School-Age)

$820   Full-Time Adjustments:                                   
Less than two years old,  add $69 monthly surcharge.
 Attend Kindergarten,  subtract $15 times # of Days/wk  school.
(Example: $15 X 3 days/wk = $45 subtracted from monthly fee).

$745   4 Days/wk

$640  3 Days/wk
$480  2 Days/wk

Extra Hours or Days (not overtime): Use Drop-In Rate, add to monthly fee.
Drop-In Rates ** per ˝ Hour ** per day **   Over-Time Rates **Per 1/4 Hour**
$7.80 minimum charge.

$3.90 quarter-hour, or portion of quarter-hour,
per child, to be applied at 5:35 PM,
for a period starting at 5:30 (5 minutes grace).

$3.90 additional half-hour, or portion of half hour.
$62/day (8 hours or more).

School-Age Rates: Effective during the School Year Only (Sept. -- May)

Monthly Fee -  PM Only

Monthly rates include full days at no extra fee, for school release days or mild illness, but only on the child's reserved days of the week.
Children in AM get a ride to school if the bus is missed.

5 Days/wk $430.00                                             
4 Days/wk $392.00
3 Days/wk $333.00

NOTES ON COMPUTATIONS: One month has 4.35 weeks, on average. (365.25days/yr÷7days/wk÷12mo/yr = 4.35wks/mo.)
We apply an inverse relationship between the amount of time used and the unit cost:
fewer days reserved means a higher daily cost.
Our full-time rate for pre-school and school-age care is equivalent to $188.51/wk or $37.70/day.

Our full-time rate for infants and toddlers is equivalent to $204.37/wk or $40.87/day.

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Fee Schedule  Philosophy
Our  fee schedule incorporates an exciting  innovation which  allows  us to more easily offer part time child care.  Many child care homes and day care centers refuse to offer part time care, or if they do offer part time, the service causes financial difficulties, because the full time clients are subsidizing the part time time clients.

This happens because part time care often uses up a full time slot, incurring nearly full time expenses, but pays only a part time rate.

 We charge parents who want part time care a fee which more closely represents the real cost of offering the care. We charge more per day when a client uses fewer days.

5 Days Per Week Reserved
4 Days Per Week Reserved
3 Days Per Week Reserved
2 Days Per Week Reserved
1 Day Per Week, Drop-In, Not Reserved  (no  monthly rate) ---------------

This rate structure has helped us offer part time care in a way that is more fair to all of our clients, and it allows us to charge enough to meet our expenses and stay in business. Without  this innovation we would need to charge much more for full time care or refuse to offer part time care. By using this fee structure we can give all of our clients more of what they want.

We invented this method of charging for part time care in about 1978. We may be the first child care to apply this type of fee structure.
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