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Free:The Family Day Care Show is available for parents, child care providers, trainers, child care associations, and libraries.

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** You may NOT make copies of these shows for sale. All shows are the property of The Family Day Care Radio Show and M&M Child Care. **  If you want to buy tape copies of our show, click here for our on-line catalog.

Emily, a Child Care Substitute. Shockingly honest account of what makes poor quality and what makes good child care in a day care center. Emily tells us how management, wages, and staff support critically effect our children. 

Child-Parent Attachment and Child Care, with Professor Allison Clark-Stewart. 42 minutes. Parents want to know if putting their baby into child care affects her secure attachment to her parents. A nationally famous psychologist tells us about the hopeful results of her wide-reaching five year study. Click Here to Listen. 

The Lost Art of Listening: Family and Business Communication: Dr. Michael Nichols tells how to get people to listen, identifies barriers to good listening, tells how to listen well. How do we teach children to listen? Or spouses? Dr. Nichols also identifies persons who do NOT have a responsibility to listen. 

Teacher's Aides in Child Care: Who is minding the children? With a high turnover rate, low pay, and a feeling of powerlessness in the child care, can teacher's aides do the good work they signed on to do? 

Child Mental Health, Part A, with Ann Gearity. 30 minutes. Friendly, clear advice for any parent/provider who has ever worried about a child. Click Here to Listen. 

Child Mental Health, Part B, with Ann Gearity. 30 minutes. More gentle comments and helpful information from Ann. Click Here to Listen. 

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