The Family Day Care Radio Show
Support for Everyone Who Cares for Children

History, Goals, and Content
The Family Day Care Show was produced by Marian and Michael's Family Child Care, with LOTS of help from friends, guests, and civic organizations. Our show was  broadcast by KFAI Community Radio, Minneapolis and St. Paul, from 1978 until 1998. Since 1998 we have produced increasingly rare "Sunday Specials" for the KFAI Wave Project, which is the community access show for KFAI.  KFAI is a local non-profit community-based radio station. (

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The FDC Radio Show is the creation of Marian and Michael, who are full-time Family Child Care Providers, and part time amateur Radio and TV producers. At first all of our shows had to be live, because we owned no equipment. Over the years we have slowly acquired equipment and experience, and now we have perhaps 500+ shows on tape.

In all we have produced over 800 Family Day Care Radio Shows. During the school year our shows were aimed at adults: parents, guardians, teachers, childcare providers, and everyone else who works with children.

When we were on the air every week, all of our summer shows were for children, as entertainment while school is out. Some of the shows were produced by children, and hundreds of our shows had children as guests. We suspect that the Family Day Care Radio Show holds a record for putting the largest groups of the youngest children live on the air at one time!

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Our Fabulous Guests
Our Radio Show guests are talented, opinionated, experienced, influential, radical, educated, authoritative, caring, political, involved & interesting.

We have been host to the author of The Baby Book and the author of Without Spanking or Spoiling, to SenatorAllen Spear and Senator Rudy Boschwitz, to the presidents of The British Child Minders Association and The Scottish Childminders Association, to the director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Minnesota, and to the Minnesota Child Care Center Directors Association.

We have also interviewed countless parents, children, child care providers, friends and neighbors.

Our guests are always the best part of our show.

The show was broadcast every week for 17 years on KFAI Community Radio, 90.3 FM, Minneapolis and 106.7, St. Paul. In the Fall of 1995 we lost our regular weekly spot (we did not earn enough money for KFAI), but we still produced one hour specials which air on Sunday evenings for about three more years.

Over the years we have been helped by various volunteers, foundations, and non-profit groups. Years ago we received triaining stipends from Hennepin County Family Day Care Association, and more recently from the Greater Minneapolis Day Care Association.  Neither of those oganizations have survived.

Target stores helped us build a small, efficient sound studio in the basement under our Family Child Care business. A sincere Thank You to the Target Foundation!

Greater Minneapolis Day Care Association deserves special notice and credit. They provided a steady "training stipend" to support the FDC Radio Show. This money helped purchase and repair equipment, buy tapes, cover postage and copying costs, and so forth. Without them we would have had a much harder time.

Real Audio Technology
For many years we used streaming Real Audio Technology to make actual "broadcasts" of the Radio Show on the Web. A visitor was able to hear selected shows, in their entirity, through their computer, from anywhere in the world, at no cost.

This has become more complex and expensive, so we hope to switch to podcasts, or encode our shows for, but that is still off in the future.

The knowledge, advice, support, and enthusiasm of our wonderful guests needs to be available to child care providers everywhere that people have access to the Internet.

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