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Audio cassette training tapes brought to you with the support of  The Adults and Children's Alliance. aca sells Family Child Care insurance, forms, t-shirts, posters, buttons, etc.

Please Note: Tapes of the Family Day Care Radio Show may be used for almost any purpose, including child care training, libraries, and re-broadcast over the air. Do Not Copy Tapes without Permission.

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Side A: The Lost Art of Listening, with Dr. Michael Nichols 

Side B: Child-Parent Attachment and Child Care, with Prof. Allison Clark-Stewart

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Side A: Self-Esteem & Self-Traps, William Swann, Jr., Carol Gesme 

Side B: Nurture by Nature

     _____  PAR- TTPC-200 Side A: Take Time to Play Checkers, by Misti Snow 

Side B: How Children Feel About Day Care, By Misti Snow

     _____  PAR-WSS-210 Side A: Without Spanking or Spoiling, by Elizabeth Crary 

Side B: The Family Patterns Workbook, by Carolynn Foster

     _____  PAR, TBB- 220 Side A: The Baby Book, by Sears and Sears 

Side B: The Discipline Book, by Sears and Sears

     _____  PSY-CMH-300 Sides A and B: Child Mental Health 

90 minute interview with Ann Gearity

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Detailed Descriptions of Catalog Tapes to follow:

The Lost Art of Listening with Dr. Michael Nichols, 44 minutes. Psychologist, author, and teacher Mike Nichols discusses family and business communications. Dr. Nichols tells how to get people to listen, identifies barriers to good listening, and tells us how to listen well. How do we teach children to listen? Our spouses? Dr. Nichols also identifies people who do not have a responsibility to listen.

Child-Parent Attachment and Child Care, with Professor Allison Clark-Stewart. 42 minutes. Parents want to know if putting their baby into child care affects her secure attachment to her parents. A nationally famous psychologist tells us about the hopeful results of her wide-reaching five year study.

Self Esteem and Self Traps features visiting author William Swan and local (Minneapolis) therapist Carol Gesme. They tell us what has been wrong with the self-esteem movement, suggesting ways to avoid the "self traps" of empty complements and do the harder work of getting to know yourself. One side only, 45 minutes.

Nurture by Nature, with Barbara Baron-Tieger. One of the most fun and and yet useful books we have ever reviewed. The next step in scientific and humane child rearing. This show provides a good introduction to a wonderful system for understanding anyone's personality type, child or adult. In fairness be warned that after hearing the tape, you may want to buy this wonderful book.

Take Time to Play Checkers and How Children Feel About Day Care, both featuring Misti Snow. Misti Snow, associate editor of the Star Tribune newspaper, has read the letters of more than 600,000 children. Misti has read more children's mail than anyone else in the world. In these warm and fascinating interviews Misti tells what children want from their adults, and she reveals what children like and dislike about day care. Misti is as honest as the children themselves, telling us what the kids really think, even when that truth is uncomfortable. Two shows, 30 minutes each.

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Radio Show guests donated their services.

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