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The Family Child Care Page and the FamilyDayCareInternetShow are produced by professional family child care providers and amateur radio producers.

We are two self-employed family child care providers, with 30+ years experience. Supporting this web site, the FamilyDaycareInternetShow, and the Coalition On Provider Vulnerability are part-time, volunteer activities, not our principle business.

Before we moved to the Internet, we produced The Family Day Care Radio Show for KFAI Community Radio, once a week, for nearly 20 years. This was from roughly 1979 to nearly 1999.  See About The Family Day Care Radio Show for more information.

If you are looking for professional Insurance or Products for your home-based family child care home, visit Adults & Childrens Alliance,  or Minnesota Licensed Family Child Care Association.

On these pages you will find resources for parents and child care providers, including parenting advice, a catalog of tapes of the Family Day Care Radio Show, and the home of the Coalition on Provider Vulnerability. You will also find links to agencies and organizations that provide direct services to parents.

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