Support Groups

The Coalition on Provider Vulnerability believes that everyone in crisis deserves support....unconditionally. An allegation of misconduct by a caregiver, whether a licensed caregiver or a parent, creates upheaval in many lives, and each of those people deserves courtesy, accurate legal information, and support.

Topics to follow:

Guilty or innocent?

Innocence is a state of mind. It may also be a matter of law or of fact, but a feeling of innocence, surprise, betrayal, shock, disbelief, and outrage are common when accused of maltreating a vulnerable person. This is true when the person accused is innocent, and is also true when the allegation is only partly wrong. This feeling of innocence is an element of self-esteem and a caregiver's self-image.

It is not possible to correctly judge the guilt or innocence of caregivers who come to us for support. We were not there, and we will never know. We are here now, and we know that humane and competent support is needed now.


1. Everyone in crisis deserves support....unconditionally.

2. Support Group and Work Group are two different functions, even if done at the same meeting.

3. Expect problems as a natural progression of group management and growth. 4. Goals must be clear and short-term. Save long-term goals for the Work Group. 5. Simple leadership rules do work. CLICK HERE to return to the Coalition Home Page.

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