Model Light Pollution Regulations:  Branford, Connecticut
They appear to be excellent:  brief, clear, highly effective. These regulations have proven acceptable to local businesses and home owners. Local astronomers report an improved night sky! 

31.5.5 Lighting and Noise:

                             (a) That all exterior lights and illuminated signs
                             shall be designed, located, installed and directed
                             in such a manner as to prevent objectionable light
                             at the property lines and disability glare at any
                             location on or off the property. The "maintained
                             horizontal illuminance recommendations" set by the
                             Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) shall be
                             observed. (See Appendix A)

                                  •All parking area lighting will be full cut-off type

                                  •Uplighting is prohibited. Externally lit signs,
                                  display, building and aesthetic lighting must be
                                  lit from the top and shine downward. The lighting
                                  must be shielded to prevent direct glare and/or
                                  light trespass. The lighting must also be, as
                                  much as physically possible, contained to the
                                  target area. Internally lighted signs are
                                  prohibited within the Town Center Overlay

                                  •All building lighting for security or aesthetics
                                  will be full cut-off or a shielded type, not allowing any
                                  upward distribution of light. Floodlighting is
                                  discouraged, and if used, must be shielded to
                                  prevent: A. disability glare for drivers or
                                  pedestrians, B. light trespass beyond the
                                  property line, and C. light above a 90 degree,
                                  horizontal plane. Wallpack type fixtures are not

                                  •Adjacent to residential property, no direct
                                  light source will be visible at the property line
                                  at ground level or above.

                                  •All non-essential lighting will be required to
                                  be turned off after business hours, leaving only
                                  the necessary lighting for site security.
                                  ("Non-essential" can apply to: display,
                                  aesthetic, parking and sign lighting).

                             (b) Buildings and accessory facilities shall be
                             designed and arranged and the installation of sound
                             absorptive shielding on the site (mounds, berms,
                             screening or other suitable noise barriers) may be
                             required so as to minimize noise levels at the
                             property line.

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