Astronomy with Children

M&M child care owns three telescopes. The children get to use the telescopes in the backyard and on field trips.

From the backyard we have observed sunspots, partial solar eclipses, and the crash of Comet Shoemaker - Levy into Jupiter. We have also seen most of the planets, plus star clusters, galaxies and nebulae.

Observing sunspots from the yard.Becca Observing Sunspots form the Yard.

Family observing.Family Astronomy in Winter.

Michael, children, and telescope.David and Cory using telescope with Michael.

Hobb's Observatory, Fall Creek, Wisconsin

Watching planet Mercury transit across the sun. Kids watching Mercury transit across the Sun

Teaching Planisphere at Ages of War, an SCA event. Teaching planisphere at Ages of War, an SCA event

View Astro Photos of the sky, by Michael and/or the children.

Children Create the M&M Millenial Analemma

The Speed of the Planets by Thomas Tang and Michael Kauper

Longitude:  How to Navigate using Time and the Sky

Dark Skies for Astronomy

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